Card mode - Customize layout - Add Image to Card Template

When using the image drag function “Drag image column here” the operation caused a browser crash under Google Chrome browser, Beta Version 71.0.3578.30 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) on Linux, by moving a .jpg image into the card box. Please explain if this is the correct way to use it at the template, or does the CODA Card support image drag in a card edition mode?

Meanwhile I found a better way to insert images (or sketches) by starting with a basic table that adds rows for each task and by creating a column named “images” formatted as image type. This allows to add the column and display it in a card view , which now contains the image data. The issue reported above refers only to pure card objects and its template. An image support might be useful, like for example to create a static card logo.

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Hi @Claude_Falbriard,

Currently, the image column you mentioned in your second statement is the one that supports drag-and-drop. We don’t have that for the card view. The use-case makes sense though! For the browser crash, we don’t have everything sorted for Beta browser versions. If the same thing happens on the latest stable version of Chrome, please let us know.


Thanks Ben. Makes sense now, indeed its easier to start from a table with image column type format and in a second step add the card using the view configuration. Have a pure card object does not make much sense. OK will test the image drag and drop function on the next stable release of Chrome browser on Linux and give you a feedback.

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