Change background color based on value or formula

Hello, I am a manufacturing/aerospace consultant and I’m experimenting with CODA for product manufacturing traceability. In my example, we have some painted parts that get placed into an oven at a specified temperature and time to quickly cure the paint. I’ve created a table to track each job/lot number, so I have two field columns
Curing Temperature (degrees F)
Curing Duration (min)
Both of these are number fields.

I would like the default background color of these two fields to be a bright yellow (#FFF933) if they do not contain a value. This way, the highlighted yellow fields indicate to our production operator that this field has not been filled out. Once the a value is recorded into the field and <> Null, then the background color should go to pale green (#EAF9C1).

Thank you!

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Sure! If you want to use Codas generally available colors (in the conditional formatting pane) then you can do that in just a few clicks!

If you want to support custom hex colors as a conditional formatting background color, it gets a bit more complex and involves the use of a hidden formula.

Are you fine with Codas generally available conditional formatting colors?

The standard color choices would be fine to begin with.


Great! Hopefully this screenshot gives you all the info you need!

Im also currently filming a long-form video that covers everything about conditional formatting including how to format with the custom hex codes! You can find it here when published!

Actually, I was hoping to change the background color of the card layout field. I have a Kanban card view of the Invoices. In the screenshot below, since the Customer field is empty, I want the field background to be yellow (indicating that this field should have a value). Once the field is not empty, I want the background color of the field to be pale green.

Ohhhh that sadly won’t work for you. Conditional formats only apply to the following views of a table:

  • Table
  • Cards
  • Timeline (to display column)
  • Calendar (to display column)

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