Changing the Display Column does not update Lookup values in table views with grouping

Hi dev team,

I thought you may want to know this. Right after I change the Display Column, the linked table on the same page does not update. It keeps displaying old values until I change table views back and forth.


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Dear @Dmitri_Silaev,

It looks like that from the table “Detail” the column “LU” look-up at the table “Master” column “Key1”, what is the expected behavior.

If you want to show the info from the Key2 column you will have to add that in your lookup.

Glad to show if you share a dummy copy of your doc :handshake:

Hey @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

Thanks for reviewing my report. I’ve published a few test cases. You need the “Failed Test 2” page. Hopefully, it adds a little bit more clarity. Here’s the link:

Dear @Dmitri_Silaev,

Thanks making such detailed write-up :building_construction:, you are putting a lot of efforts in it.

To my personal opinion, but I could be wrong, you need first to un-group when you change the display column, and then to group again. Just to give the ability to give the software the ability to define on what to group! And because of this, it’s not a bug!

Dear @BenLee, would you mind to share Coda’s point of view :handshake:


Thanks for your reply. I watched a few vids where Coda is promoted as a very dynamic tool in a sense that you’re welcome to change anything anywhere, and it will update accordingly, and you should get the expected outcome. So my take on this is that Coda does not update and the user is not getting the expected outcome :slight_smile:

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Hello there!
I agree with @Dmitri_Silaev here that is not an expected behavior because you are changing only the display value, even if Key1 were 1 and 2 and Key2 were A and A and you set Key2 as display value, the groups stay the same because you are grouping by row, and even though they could have the same name they’re different rows so the groups stay separate.
Besides, you can, instead of ungroup and group again, just refresh the page and see that the values change as expected.

Edit: I tested this last bit a few minutes later and it stopped refreshing the display value of the groups; it sometimes takes a couple of tries to update them :thinking:

Hi @Dmitri_Silaev,

How often are you looking to change the display column? I can see how one would expect the grouped table to change as well, but at the same time, it’s not anticipated that the display column would be changing on a regular basis.

Hey @BenLee,

If the question is about the priority then no, I won’t do it frequently, I know a workaround, other people would not do it frequently. Back burner.