Checkbox Settings

I’m using checkboxes to filter a table. When I add checkboxes outside of a table, hover over it and right click, I get to “Checkbox Settings” and I can name the checkbox, which I later use in the formula to filter the table. I would like to add all my checkboxes to a second table to make it look better but I cant seem to figure out how to find “Checkbox Settings” when the checkboxes are inside a table. Any point in the right direction would be very appreciated. Many Thanks, Lars

Dear @Lars_Wallin,

I noticed you post is rather old and no reply, does it mean you found a solution?

The settings of a checkbox in a table can be updated as follows:

:bulb:A small sample doc is in most cases the best way to find somebody to support
Just try to explain at your best the expected result you want to have!