Chrome: S-L-O-O-O-W for you too?

It sometimes renders my computer (2020 MacBookPro) almost unusable. Is it just me?
I finally got so frustrated I started using Firefox today…and performance seems dramatically better.
Anyone else having issues with Chrome…and any browser recommendations for best performance?
Many thanks, Gregg

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Hey @Gregg_Stebben

I HIGHLY recommend trying Vivaldi… speed is nice and also compatible w Chrome extensions, but also has a “Panel” feature that works really well with Coda… great for Forms/Lists some screenshots below.




I’ve been giving Opera a try. Like Vivaldi, it’s a Chromium-based browser. Because of some extensions I use, my browser needs to be Chromium-based. Opera has been working well.

Since I can do so much work nowadays directly within a browser, I recently set up a fresh new user account on my 2015 MacBook Pro. Unlike the account I’ve been using for years that has a lot of MacOS apps loading automatically on login, in this new account I typically only have my browser open. RAM isn’t being taken up by apps I’m not using, and things are performing more smoothly overall.

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@Bud_Uyeda Thank you…that’s a great idea about a different user account! I am in the same boat as far as a Chromium-based browser goes.

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@Damon_Kost Thank you…I will give it a try! Very interested in the Panel feature…

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I was previously on a PC and switched to Edge from Chrome - chromium based, but I found the performance way better (this was probably 6-8 months ago), much less RAM usage.

I’m now Mac through and through and continue to use Edge. I would love to switch to Safari (extensions are not something I use a lot - except 1Password), but the ease of creating a PWA on Edge keeps me staying.

Safari has some apps that do what Edge does but I haven’t found one that is stable from my end yet.

I’ve found running multiple browsers ‘seems’ to feel less taxing.

Edge gets a vote from me, but interested to try out some others! Anything to keep my precious RAM (I should have got a Max chip and 32Gb Ram! Lol)


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