Click Address value to open maps on mobile device


I would like to tap on a street address value on mobile phone and automatically launch the maps app (apple maps or google maps) on my iPhone, which will give me the option of seeing the address on the map and/or get directions how to get there from current location.

I know there is no “Address” column type.
I have seen in the help center here that there is a way to perform this function for telephone numbers, using a formula with “tel:” in front of an unformatted phone number.
I know that Airtable can peform this by long pressing a value that is in the street address format (even though they also do not have an “address” column type.
So maybe there is a way to do street addresses in Coda?


Hey guys.

Given enough time and trial & error, I was able to answer my own question. Thought this would be helpful to others in the coda community.

  1. Create a text column and enter the street address, city, and zip code (state not needed), BUT every space in the address must be replaced with a “+” sign. (Do not include suite or apartment numbers, Do not include “commas”, but DO include “ave” or “st” or “blvd”) I named this column “Bare Address”
  2. Create a formula column and enter the formula below:
    hyperlink(“”+thisRow.[Bare Address]). I named this column “Map Address” // Example: for the Empire State Building in New York, enter this in the “Bare Address” column: 20+West+34th+Street+New+York+City+10001 (The final weblink address in the “Map Address” column will be:

When you click on the hyperlink in the “Map Address” column, whether on mobile phone or computer, you’ll instantly be redirected to the google maps site and your address will be displayed. You can then click on directions to that location.



This is super useful!
Just to complement your own answer a bit, you could write the address as you normally do and apply the next formula:

So your formula would end up looking like this:

hyperlink(“”+thisRow.[Bare Address].RegexReplace(" “,”+"))



Love it! Thanks Saul. This makes it even easier to implement.

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