Coda AI language drop-down menu selection

Hello everyone,

I’m using Coda AI for both English and French queries. While the AI effectively responds to all prompts, I’ve observed that responses in French are provided in English. Consequently, I find myself requesting translations each time to make the information usable for my team.

Is it feasible to implement a language drop-down menu for prompting and receiving answers in a specified language?


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hi @Tommy_Lambert ,

I noticed the same, my point of view is a bit different: it should respond in the language of the prompt, as such it is easier for the user. There is an other thing that is unclear to me, but it seems that you get the best output when you ask in English. Maybe due to the fact that the AIs are mainly trained in ENG data.

Cheers, Christiaan


You can add at the end of your AI prompt: “please answer in French”. It will return output in the requested language.

Actually, it doens’t work each time - mostly when a text has a lot of data. That’s why I’ve posted this. You can try yourself @joost_mineur

I’m totally on the same page as you, @Christiaan_Huizer. If the prompt is in a certain language, the response should match (just like ChatGPT). Since it doesn’t consistently do that, I suggested adding a language drop-down option.

Do you think we might have to hold out for a Coda AI model update?

I totally agree with that. I was making a video for my social media (portuguese speakers), and it wasn’t the best experience

hi @Tommy_Lambert , I suggested this already a while ago to the Coda team, so I guess it is on their list. As long as you don’t have the experience yourself - because you only work in English - you don’t feel how important this is. In these case i rely on Bard an on Bing Chat, it is easier and goes faster.

Cheers, Christiaan