Coda Document Change Feed (RSS, or otherwise)

At the moment it is very hard to keep track of changes to larger documents if multiple people work together on it. This especially becomes an issue if the document is meant to be a living document (design, etc). The version history is too high-level for this. At the very least I would like access to a feed which shows Author + Section/Table, ideally some level of detail to the change as well.

This could then be aggregated (to control the granularity of the update)/consumed/filtered by the end user if provided in an RSS feed or API endpoint.

Feel free to vote for it on the Year of the Maker document:

Per example, I want to be able to hook into this feed and create a weekly report of changes aggregated together.



A very strong point @GJ_Roelofs, thanks addressing it
Upvoted :+1: