Coda SCARY CLOCK at CODER DOJO (just for fun)

i mentor teenage coders at my local Coder Dojo. if you have kids, i HIGHLY recommend them, if not, i encourage you to volunteer as a mentor (very rewarding).

i started using CODA docs to replace presentation slides and handouts as they allow me to include

  • images and diagrams
  • tables with ‘terms’ and ‘explanations’
  • actual examples of algorithms

and, since we studied OBJECT ORIENTED programming and design last year, the students find it easy to transition to CODA by regarding CLASSES as tables, OBJECTS as rows, METHODS as buttons on rows etc.

anyway, last weekend we did a challenge to build a scary digital clock in coda. giving them a few hints and links to the relevant icon repository and my previous big-digital-clock doc as an example.

below is what emerged… happy halloween folks!



Pros: Super cool use of your earlier idea and super cool initiative overall.

:point_up_2: So much this.

Cons: not scary enough :upside_down_face:

Great job @Xyzor_Max. Down with Scratch, Coda FTW!

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