Coda sometimes converts quotes into closing quotes where opening quotes are desired


Coda automatically converts a variety of “basic” characters (', ", ---, etc.) into their “rich” counterparts as they’re typed (/, /, , etc.).

Expected behaviour

When I type this text:

Three-Letter Acronym ("TLA")

I expect it to convert the double quotes to a pair of opening and closing double quotes:

Three-Letter Acronym (“TLA”)
                      ^✔︎  ^✔︎

Actual behaviour

It converts both double quotes to closing double quotes:

Three-Letter Acronym (”TLA”)
                      ^✘  ^✔︎


  • Coda seems to only select an opening double quote when following whitespace (or nothing).
  • It doesn’t seem to consider non-whitespace characters that would normally precede an opening double quote ((, [, {, and maybe others).
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I noticed the same problem, but my expectations are different: I’d rather Coda doesn’t try to second-guess what I type and just leave these characters unchanged.

More often than not, these types of auto-conversions cause more headache than they solve problems.

Another case in point is Coda’s insistence to guess (and change!) the column type based on a single input in an otherwise empty column, even when I explicitly set the column type beforehand to exactly what I need.


Agreed, the auto-complete is great 95% of the time but please let us disable it until these remaining 5% is fixed. Sometimes it also puts seeming random variables whenever I click somewhere.

I like the automatic column formatting, but yeah I guess if you’ve set it explicitly it doesn’t make sense for it to keep looking to change type