How do I disable smart replacements? (smart quotes, double-dash -> emdash, etc)

Question in subject.

I’m trying to write programming documentation, and in multiple browsers I’m unable to type programming literals in a literal way. Even in code blocks, I’m seeing two dashes being automatically replaced with emdashes (a syntax error, if anyone copy-pastes to the shell), and single quotes being replaced with unicode (closing) smart quotes.

I checked the OS settings, and substitutions are off; I checked the browser’s settings, and substitutions are off there, as well.

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Automated curly quotes were breaking some things for me last week, and the automated em dash was breaking things the week before that. I had to copy in the correct characters from a text editor, one instance at a time.

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I just ran into this with smart quotes. Took this video to show the issue. Turns out if you highlight the smart quotes and type in the quote again, or if you “undo” it resets to dumb quotes.

Previously those characters weren’t replaced by typographic ones if paragraph or character style was Code. This apparently broke either in the new editor (the one with columns and the canvas layout) or generally with some update.

Time to send some /feedback to these folks.