Coda Unlimited Pages for free tier

I’m a long time Coda enthusiast, but, even then, I still couldn’t commit myself completely and migrate all of my notes to coda, because in the past years,
coda had a performance and formatting issue.

i have no problem paying for coda because coda deliver so much value,
having the ability to use formula everywhere alone is worth paying for, it’s Coda killer feature.

it just, because Coda have limit of 50 objects including pages, I can’t commit and migrate
my notes from other apps,
from the user perspective, the pages limit gives people anxiety about creating pages and using it.
even though Coda has a 50 object limit, at around 35, I stop using it completely because of the anxiety of exceeding the limit.

a lot of time, I use the free tier to wait and see first, let the platform stabilize and mature first
before i jump in and use the Premium tier.
but because coda has limitations on pages in the free tier, i unfortunately have to use
other apps like Notion, and build my knowledge base & database there because they offer unlimited pages.
it is kinda frustrating, because the more i build there, the harder in the future if
i decided to Migrate to Coda

Notion in the past have the same problem too, they offer only 1000 blocks, and
it’s too limiting, but once they lift the 10000 block limit, and offer free pages,
they are becoming more mainstream.
so i think this would bring more benefit to coda as well

i don’t mind having the formula, database, and storage be limited.
because it’s the Unique selling proposition of coda, that alone would be a strong enough
reason to subscribe to Coda.

but, for pages, i don’t think it is worth it to limit it, because it limits Coda’s growth overall,
limiting people that want to use it on daily basis. and it hurt the user conversion as well.

this is my pain point for a long time, and I’m sure there are a lot of people that feel the same too

there are already too many Notes apps, but there are no apps like Coda out there.
i still think that Coda could be big like excel, word

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