Notion give free user unlimited block right now. Coda have plan to cancel 50 Objects limited?


  1. Unlimited pages for free user
  2. Unlimited blocks for free user
  3. Unlimited tables for free user
  4. Unlimited rows for free user
  5. Unlimited views for free user
  6. Unlimited formulas for free user

6 Unlimited stuff for free user

Notion give all note-taking apps big pressure !!!


  1. limited pages for free user
  2. limited tables for free user
  3. limited rows for free user
  4. limited views for free user
  5. limited formulas for free user
  6. limited buttons for free user
  7. limited controls for free user
  8. Large number of blocks for free user , but not unlimited blocks.

8 limited stuff for free user.


Dear @Steve_Yang,

Thanks sharing your points of view, we have seen many valuable inputs.

Coda has it’s own DNA and already from the beginning taking a new approach how docs and sheets work.

Diversity is something we have to encourage.
“Black :black_large_square:” needs “White :white_large_square:” as “Ying :yin_yang:” needs “Yang :yin_yang:”.

We have a say; “There are more ways to Rome” :arrow_right::arrow_left::arrow_up::arrow_down::arrow_upper_right::arrow_lower_left::arrow_lower_right::arrow_upper_left:

People and business are willing to spend $$$ on products like MacBook or Iphone, when there are products with the similar components in the market at 30% of the price.

You have “leaders” and “followers” as you can see from the below post:

The more people see the oppertunity to be a maker, the better it will be for the overall development.

Let’s enjoy the evolution and be :pray: to be a part of this


I think there is a very big difference between Coda and Notion especially related to design and user experience.

When I look at online services I have to put myself in the mindset of the end-user. I personally feel that Notion would be a more difficult user experience and thus not an option for me.

I also feel like the free version that Coda offers allows you enough flexibility to use it as an individual or to test how it works before making a decision to pay for it.


This is issue here is basically support for soloists - individuals who don’t have an organisation willing to pay for the product. With their free tier, Notion has sent a pretty strong signal to their users that soloists are well and truly welcome. They’ve realised the potential use of Notion for soloists and made the decision to try and on-board as many of them as possible.

Coda, on the other hand, IMHO is pretty poor for soloists. Even before this free tier from Notion, their cheapest tier was $4/month, whilst Coda’s is $10/month. That’s a big deal, $10/month is a lot of money (double the market rate for most solo/lowest paid plans) and to be honest, it’s what has been putting me off going premium with Coda. On the other hand, $4/month is much more palatable, and actually I pay for Notion’s $4/month plan. The fact that Coda don’t seem willing to consider introducing a cheaper tier - as I’ve gathered from a lack of engagement with this post recently: Soloist - Personal or business use but only one Maker and no collaborators - is to me a pretty big signal that Coda aren’t interested in supporting us soloists, they’re just after business use. It’s why I’m reluctantly, after investing a significant amount of time in Coda, looking for alternatives as I rapidly approach the size limits.