This monetization is really bad for free users

The new limitations for new users is kinda unrealistic…

This image is from a document that I just started setting up, and have only invited a few people to, and I’m basically at the limit already. The 50 object limit is way too little, and so is the 1000 row limit.

This seems a little ridiculous, especially when I don’t think there was a limit before for free users.
The fact that the whole permission/security system is going to be paid is a little absurd too… Google offers that security for free, so why would charging for the same functionality be a good business model.
Without that, it’s almost impossible for a small non profit group to use coda at all.

And what’s up with this free pack??
Has anyone ever used any of these?
Coda is not a social media service :sweat_smile:

I feel generally let down by this, I’ve been supporting coda and telling my friends about it for a long time, but now I just can’t really justify it. What do we get for supporting Coda? Blocked off from everything.
Kinda sucks.

Guess i’ll be going back to google if it stays this course.

Thanks for reading! I’m hopeful that this situation can be re-evaluated by the team.


I am a recent subscriber and so far like Coda very much but I agree. Those object and row limits will be reached quickly.

I hope we get more generous allowances in the near future.


Agree, and the fact that views of tables are included in objects is very consuming on the limit.

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And the funniest thing is they save Coda documents to your own Google drive/docs. This business model reminds me of that documentary I recently saw on Netflix where the big companies (insert names here) go into different towns all over the world (including the US) and set up huge water bottling plants and take free water from rivers, lakes, and other reservoirs (which if anything belong to its residents) and sell the bottled water to its residents—at retail cost. Brilliant!

I’m not saying I’m entitled to free everything. Just hate when companies start getting greedy :money_mouth_face::money_with_wings::moneybag:.

My sentiments exactly @Cameron_Gustavson.

I’m part of a small non-profit group as well that IS WILLING to pay for such a great and promising product but the pricing model just doesn’t fit our needs, as well as…

  1. The basic paid plan giving me ZERO new features. Gotta pay 3x/user for basic permissions like you said.
  2. No grandfathering of customers who’ve been here since the beginning.

I saw a reply in the main Coda 2.0 thread that the item in Google drive is just a thumbnail/shortcut to the Coda docs that are stored on their servers.


file ACLs (access controls)

Access controls? Does that mean they’re charging for Google’s free permission system?

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Dear @Cameron_Gustavson

Some great thoughts on 2.0, including a suggestion to see a version 2.0 of the pricing model (not a great look when users are calling for an update the day an update is released):


That’s good stuff @Josh_Szwarga, definitely agree with everything.

The golden rule of not p-ssing everyone off is: if something’s already free, don’t make it paid. Awarding credits isn’t really the same thing.


It’s called “Bait and Switch”. :shrimp: :clock7::moneybag:


Yeah, that’s exactly what I fear for. Earning the fame of a bait-and-switch product would impact Coda financially much harder than the choice to fully grandfather existing users at the very least.


Agree that the free tier will let many existing users down.

The doc size limits may be reasonable for new users, but they do feel too constrained for those of us who already invested a lot in Coda.

During the ‘years of abundance’ we had no indicators whatsoever of the size of the doc or number of objects, nor cross-doc capabilities. Users were incentivized to build mega docs that are now bound to be obsolete in a few weeks. Many of them won’t upgrade.

Maybe a compromise could be reached by allowing slightly higher limits for existing docs that already surpassed the 100/1000 quota before this announcement?


That’s my situation and I had been feeling quite disappointed the whole day. I’ve dedicated the past weeks making serious effort building 3 docs that would help with my tasks. But now it seems there is no way I can make those docs to fit the limitations of the free tier without striping their information, which does not make sense.
I had considered paying for the service as I really appreciate this platform, but unfortunately the price is out of my budget.


Fair point. Imagine if MS Excel had a megabyte tariff. Hmmm …

I consider Coda as Airtable alternative, but the free plan offered even lower than 1,200 rows limit by Airtable.

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Thank you all for the feedback. All of your voices matter here at Coda. If you wouldn’t mind, please follow up using the contact info in this post so we can take a closer look at each situation:

And if you haven’t read through the help articles about pricing and workspaces, please check them out here:

You can’t imagine how much time I spent on docs that will be obsolete with the pricing plan and will not be able to be used anymore :sob::sob::sob:


Pretty much same here :’(


Coda is a social media platform now?