Code Block Syntax Highlighting

Following as well. We have a lot of code documentation in Coda.

Markdown editors elsewhere have good models for support

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+1! I’m looking forward to it

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:100: This is by far the biggest blocker I have for potentially switching from Notion to Coda - without syntax highlighting Coda is a complete nonstarter for writing technical specs IMO, especially since all its major competitors (Notion, Slite, Dropbox Paper) all have it already.

Could we get an update from someone on the Coda team to hear if this is being considered for the roadmap in the near future? :bowing_man:


2 and a half years later and this has not been implemented? I can’t honestly believe it. There are literally hundreds of libraries that will do it.

Just plug this in in the Code Block component: – It’s not that hard.

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+1 for this. This is a must feature.

+1. This is a must feature for me too.

@Coda team, any particular reason why this feature is not being considered into the product? Just curious :slight_smile:

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+1 It’s one of few CONS in comparison with Notion… :frowning_face:

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Totally agreed! This is the biggest Cons as a developer user.