Column list of a table

Hi Coda Comunity

Are there any way to obtain a list of all columns in a table?

Hi @Luis_Garcia_Bonifaz, currently there is no formula to get this. Can you explain your scenario a little if you don’t mind?

Hi @mallika,
This is my scenario

I want to add some gamification tips to my classes. I use Moodle for my students assignements and I export a LibreOffice file wiht the students grades.
This is the table format


The idea is to add some propierties to the task like category, subjet, semester, etc,. Creating a table like this:


I want to group the the tasks by categorys and sumarize grades by student.
To do that I transpose the grades table from Moodle, add some task propierties and create this structure

With this table i can work hiding all students but one, that i want evaluate.
It would be wonderfull to have a list of all students and make a filter by student.

An other idea to solve this problem is create a table like the showed bellow this and join this to task table.

Desafortunatly I don know how to do this.

In this doc I try to show my scenario:

PD: Sorry for my poor english.

Hi @Luis_Garcia_Bonifaz - you came to a good solution in the last table. Please take a look at this doc - it has a section where I have paster a gif of how I made Task and student a lookup. You can make a copy and play with it. You can then create views of the table and group and filter them to see the data in different ways!

To change your imported data into this structure - I have created a section call Imported data - it has a table with buttons ( I have configured one of them and you can configure the others) and a button to push all the buttons :slight_smile: - on click to convert the table.



Using buttons to map imported data. That will no doubt come in handy at some point.

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@Ander - I was thinking of creating a post just on that.

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A lot of thanks @mallika

This solution is perfect. Is that i was looking for.