Grade table conversion

Hi Coda Community,

I’m a high school teacher that is trying Coda
I want to transform a grade table of my students, that i import from moodle, to another format that makes it easy to create stadistics and sumaries.

The table that Moodel offers to mi is like this:


And I want a table in wich i have a detailed task information by student, like this:


I’ve tried funtions like Lookup, Filter and so on but without success

Any idea how to do that?


PD: Sorry for my bad english

Dear @Luis_Garcia_Bonifaz

Please see the doc I created based on the info provided.

As you can see:

  • Sum of the scores for each task

  • Average scores for each task

  • View of GradesByAlumne that show you a graphical view of the underlaying info

Feel free to play around :handshake:

Is this what you are looking for?
If not, try to clarify and we in the community will try to support you.

Kind regards,

That’s a good idea,
Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets

But the scenario is a bit more complex, because there are a table of tasks with more infomation about the task ( type, matter, semester)

And I want to sumarize the grades by alumne and type of task. Some like this

Notice that columns 3,4 and five are the grades of diferente students. Will be amazing if i could filter by column, but i only can hide columns .

To me it would be perfect to generate the AllNotes table from GradesByAlumne table

Hi Luis,

Unfortunattely I have limited time, but please have a look to this post:

Just copy the document and you can see how this user created a structure to organize an inventory.
Hopeful this will give you the right direction.

TIP: on the way I see your model: (try to draw it on a piece of paper, till you get all parts connected )

  • Create one table with all the sub-tasks
  • One or more subtasks are part of a main task
  • Create one table with categories, like Impress, Writer, Calc. Each main task gets assigned at least one category
  • Create one table with students and details
  • Create one table where you asign to the students name more tasks/ sub-tasks, in this table you will assign the score achieved and maybe also the date.

Step by step you will see that you are able to build the app yourselve with some support of the community.

Success, :handshake:

Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets

I have read the topic you suggest me. It has been interesting, but not resolves my problem.

I’m conditioned by the table i import from Moodle GradeByAlumnes.

The best idea at the moment is to add a traspose of this table like this:

Add a column with the task information and hide all but one columne student.

I will work more in this problem.

I wan’t stolen you more time

Thanks a lot


How do you receive your Moodle data? In a CSV file? Other?

I import from a CSV file