Combining data and sorting

I’m looking for a way to combine data from two tables. I found a workaround that I’m happy with, but I’m still working on perfecting it. I have the data pulling into two separate columns (Email Marketing and Push Notifications) and I would like to combine that data into one column if possible, then sort it ascending. Is this possible?

I like the result I’m at so far, but it would be easier for my team to read if it’s sorted alphabetically so the dates will ascend.

My formula for the single columns (Email Marketing and Push Notifications):

ForEach([Email Content Calendar], If([Send Date] <= thisRow.[Week End] AND [Send Date] >= thisRow.[Week Start], Concatenate([Send Date].MonthName("MMM"), " ", [Send Date].Day(), " – ", Name, LineBreak()), ""))

My formula for the concatenated column:

Concatenate(thisRow.[Email Marketing], LineBreak(true), thisRow.[Push Notifications])

I’m sure there’s a better way, but I’ve been playing around with it for days and I’m stuck. Thanks in advance!

Hello @Heather,

How about sharing a (dummy) doc with non-confidential data. Plenty people here willing to help, but is easier and takes less time showing you something in your own doc with data you are using than rebuilding something from scratch.

Greetings, Joost

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Got it, thank you! Here’s the sample doc:

@Heather_Hart1 ,
I put one of many solutions in your doc. I kept the formatting of dates more or less as you had it - which makes the formula a bit complicated. Many alternative solutions possible.

Thank you so much @joost_mineur! I appreciate your time, and your formula is super helpful.

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This pack (shameless plug): Merge Table (Lite) Pack, extend Coda with Merge... - Coda might help with combining the two tables into one, though you’ll still need to concatenate all the data into the single text.

Here’s the quick version I ended up with:

The formula for the combined summary ends up quite simple:

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