Coming soon: Trial all Coda Packs free for 14 days—regardless of pricing plan

Have you ever wanted to try a Pack that wasn’t on your plan? Starting July 20th, you can trial any Coda Pack free for up to 14 days per doc.

For example, if you’re in a pro workspace, you can try both team and enterprise-level Packs like Intercom, Microsoft Teams, or Salesforce in your docs for two weeks. And trials don’t have limits on the actions you can take—so update all the Salesforce records your heart desires.

Why are we moving to Pack trials?

We heard your feedback about the value of bringing Coda into the rest of your team’s informational universe—your tools, data sources, and apps. So we’re making it easier for you to extend your docs to the tools you use every day, and perhaps some new ones too.

Packs work best when you’re trying them in your own docs, with your own data. And trials let you do exactly that. If you want to continue using these Packs in your doc, just upgrade to the Pack’s respective pricing plan. Soon, you’ll be able to purchase individual Packs made not only by Coda, but other makers in the community too.

Now that you can try any Pack from the Gallery, which Packs will you try?


Hi there @Glenn_Jaume ,

would you be able to share some insights into how the free trial will work for packs that make use of outside services that charge per use? Eg, if a pack I’m building uses a service that charges for each request/action, and if during the trial period this were to incur cost of X for the user trialing the pack, who would cover the cost for that? Will Coda reimburse the pack builder for this, or will it fall onto the pack builder to cover any costs incurred by a user during a trial period? If so, is there a way to install a cap to this (eg use of the pack is free during the trial period until user reaches threshold of x USD in third-party expenses)?



Hey Nina, we let you turn off Pack Trials for those instances so that you don’t have to incur unexpected costs. We do have plans to introduce more control over limits for trials (and potentially tiers of limits) but nothing to announce yet.


Hi @Glenn_Jaume , appreciate your response, thanks for the info!

Thanks, @Glenn_Jaume!

Salesforce integration is among the top-3 “feature requests” when promoting Coda usage at my work. The 2-weeks trial will be valuable for the team experience. So, congratulations to the Coda team for making it available.

My question now is, how to activate this trial?

I tried the following steps without success:

  • I have created a new doc through URL handle.
  • Then typed ‘/salesforce’ to add 'Pack, this leads me to two options Upgrade Now and Chat with us.

  • When I click on Updagre now I’m directed to my Coda’s workspace upgrade page (URL/upgrades/plans)

Finally, I reached the Sales Team some days ago through Coda form but I didn’t get an answer yet.

Can you help me understand the correct flow to start?

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Hey there! I believe the trials have been pushed back To this coming Wednesday

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Hey Tiago,

It’s been slowly rolling out since last week, if you’re not seeing it today I’d expect you will be by tomorrow as the roll out completes!

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