Does Coda Team Come With All Packs At One Cost

I was intrigued to learn about Coda’s tiered payment structure tailored to various business sizes. Additionally, I observed that they provide clarity by indicating the number of packs included. Does this imply that by subscribing to Coda, I gain access to the complete suite of apps with seamless integration into my existing systems?


With each tier comes a set of packs that you can use in your Coda docs. The full list of packs for each tier is shown on the Coda pricing page. There are also many packs that you can sign up for in addition. These additional packs may be free, or you may be charged a fee. You are also free to purchase any pack available for a higher price tier.

These packs typically provide additional formulas for the Coda formula language, and/or provide integration to other Web apps. Having access to the packs, does not mean that you necessarily have access to the app in question. For example, if you sign up for the Miro pack in Coda, you also need to separately sign up for the Miro app. In turn Miro has free and paid tiers.

Not sure what you mean with “seamless integration into existing systems”?

You get the formulas and or tables associated with the pack, and you can use it in any of your Coda docs, as any other Coda table or formula.


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I mean if I buy a team pack do I get full access to Click Up meaning I’m not limited to a free plan on Click Up

Hi Izach. No, you don’t get full access to other software such ClickUp. If you want to connect Coda with ClickUp you will need an account for both and if you want the premium version for ClickUp, you will have to pay the same you have to pay for Coda Team.

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