Pro tier question

The pro tier talks about customizing how the doc looks. Are there specific examples of what that means?

I don’t actually see any language like that on the pricing page itself. Can you show where you saw that or the exact language you are referencing?

It’s in the hover option on pro and team tier.

It’s the Pro Packs bullet.

Pro packs mean you can get a suite of packs that you would otherwise pay for monthly for free, as they are included in your subscription. Some of these would be gmail, slack, twillio and others.

What are packs? They extend the fucntionality of Coda. For example you can have a button in your table of invoices that sends an email to your customer with the invoice data attached. Its really neat for more complex workflows.


Learning about Notion for the first time back on Oct / Nov of last year, I ran across a video on YouTube video “Notion vs Coda in 2022”:

When I saw I Coda was winning the majority of the bullet points, I immediately created a Coda account to try it out.

Coda’s formulas, and frankly how nice (beauty is in the eye), Coda looked to me vs Notion (I couldn’t stand all those page icons in the table cells - UGH!) was breath of fresh air to me! (I’m a very visual developer)

Then after about another evening of getting familiar, I learned about Coda’s Packs!!

I cut my finger on the edge of my credit card from pulling it out so fast - I was GRINNING, when I clicked Submit and upgraded my account to Pro (at that time) and I have never looked back!

I’m currently on the Team tier now, and loving Coda so much, seeing what I can do w/it vs my prior slow way of developing software (Visual Studio / WPF & ASP.NET etc.)

Coda is a marvelous rapid application development platform IMO
(if Coda had a desktop version that could actually manipulate the computer’s file system moving / renaming files etc., - I would need to build a cave under my house due to all the SuperHero power’s I’d have w/that additional functionality!! :rofl: )

Discovering those packs was what ultimately sold me on buying a license: my brother-in-law was managing his stock trading using pin and paper :face_with_peeking_eye: - seeing the Stock related pack had both of our jaws dropping open - SOLD!

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