Comments on Sync Pages

What happens with comments on sync pages?

They sync as well! Comments to rows or comments on the page all sync together.


Comments will be visible in both source Doc as well as the “sync page”, which is fine, but when you get a notification about a comment, this notification links to and opens in the source Doc which can be confusing and cumbersome. I wish they would open the Doc in which the comment was added when clicking on a notification.

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hi @Timo_Hofmeijer ,

I thought about your comment for a while and I believe the following is happening.

What you see on a sync page in your doc, is actually not in your doc. You see a page from another doc and only in that doc you see the notifications. Only in that other (source) doc you can relate to the content of that page (like relations). It seems that sync pages live isolated in the ‘target’ docs. May this assumption be true, the value of these sync pages is limited and will not enable us to relate data meaningfully in target docs.

Maybe @Ayuba_Audu can share his view?

Cheers, Christiaan

Notifications appear regardless of the Doc you are currently in it seams, but notifications always link back to the original source doc. In my use-case this is undesirable.

I have three docs: source, admin and team. All pages are originally in the source doc. The team and admin doc both have a different subset of pages from source.

This setup is my latest attempt to offer a different experience for my admins and team members while both share the same data(bases). Showing (or hiding) pages for certain members is the actual thing I’m trying to achieve here.

Coda makes it really difficult to individualise the experience and permissions of different users, while this would empower us to craft actual software solutions with Coda and would have been much more valuable to me than say: build-in AI ; )

hi @Timo_Hofmeijer , I agree. Once the permission issue would be recognized as essential for growth in coda market share, we would have a different and better product. That you see notifications is ‘normal’ they link to all your docs when related to you. Comments are different.

Regarding the hiding of pages, you may want to read this blog:

As I wrote, I am not sure that what we want is in the scope of the product development team.

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Thanks @Christiaan_Huizer! I’ll read that later tonight.

Perhaps they should pivot : P

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