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Happy Tuesday all,

Has anyone built a commission tracker in coda? I had a basic version with rollups working, but then found out I needed to show for each payment which jobs went along with that, and because we don’t pay each commission in full at once, got stuck.

Here is the overall scenario without too much detail: we’re a recruiting and talent agency and our recruiters get paid commission for each search, with the commission dependent on how many roles they take part in the search. We pay commissions in 3 installments (retainer, progress payment, final) at a minimum, but sometimes there’s more…and sometimes there are cancellation fees, and we only pay recruiters when the client pays.

A lot of this data already exists in coda (via clickup and Integromat). And as mentioned earlier, I have a rollup for each recruiter and could keep a running total, then a separate payments table with rollups and a running balance…Easy. I could even get a list of the searches associated with each recruiter, but can’t figure out how to 1) indicate for each search in that rollup what type of payment is being made and 2) how to then have it updated in the main table so that the next “payment report” doesn’t keep showing these searches once paid (until the next time money comes in).

So…has anyone built anything resembling this or has any ideas?

Any thoughts/help would be appreciated.


hi @Karina_Mikhli ,

Good to see you back here. The case you mention is practical and I would love to see Coda evolving in this direction in terms of functions & settings.

You might need to apply a filter in your lookup, I wrote a blog about it that might help you in your set-up:

Cheers, Christiaan



Thank you! I didn’t realize you can have coda automatically filter out something already in a list, which will be super helpful.

Have to give this some more thought…

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