Connecting to Netsuite/Openair

Has anyone had success creating a pack or connecting to the Netsuite/Openair system? We are looking to build or utilize a solution for syncing data between Openair and Coda. Thanks! (Also open to any suggestions for a pack maker we could partner with to develop)

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@Brianne_Bracken, welcome to the Coda Community.

If there is not an existing integration pack available in Coda for Oracle Netsuite Openair, then it may be possible to build one.

The building of a Coda Pack to use the Openair API would be quite possible, but would require the skills of an experienced Software Developer - not something an end-user or Coda Maker could do.

So I would suggest looking at the alternative approach. You can export Netsuite Openair data to MS Excel. And you can then easily import that data into Coda.

Then it would be possible to manipulate the data in Coda and build automated workflows etc. I do not know if the interface to Excel is only one-way or two-way… so that may be a limiting issue.

But it looks like a competant Software Developer could build a special Coda Integration Pack, based on the data below…

According to Oracle the following features are available vis their API:

But gaining the necessary access and permissions seems to require the involvement of Oracle support teams;


Not sure if this will help, but I pull in all my Netsuite data into Coda via Google Sheets. I set it to update hourly, so my data (for what I need) is almost real time. It works great!

I’m not very techy outside of Coda, but happy to share details if that’s what you need.

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