Create an OnClick event


The biggest pushback from the team as we are adopting Coda has been around it not being intuitive.

I think this could be mitigated with a good walkthrough/onboarding. To design this well I’d need to implement OnClick events that would open a popup where my team could watch a video or read a short text.

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I like this! You can do a walkthrough with existing features by comments and embedded videos (e.g. =Embed('')).


Hey @Dan_Rose, thank you for your message!

That’s exactly what we are working on right now.

It doesn’t feel great because the videos get in the way of the form and the UX is not the best, but it is definitely the most optimal solution right now.

Thank you again!


I tried to use some fancy features to hack in a popup.

Embed('https://mydomain.tld/foo.js',0,0,true), but this literally shows the contents of the javascript file as text, and does not execute it.

Embed('https://mydomain.tld/foo.html',0,0,true), which successfully shows my page with buttons, but calling alert in page load or onclick gives me an error: foo.html:16 Ignored call to 'alert()'. The document is sandboxed, and the 'allow-modals' keyword is not set.. Adding content to the embedded document doesn’t make its frame dynamically expand.

The closest I could get to a popup is a checkbox that toggles an embedded video.



What a great hack, @Dan_Rose!

I’m definitely going to experiment with this.


@Dan_Rose Love this! Thank you!

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