Create calendar study

I’m trying to make a spaced study calendar. I would like to fill in a subject and the date of the first contact with the material studied and it will already set up the calendar with the events for the first day + 1, first day +7, first day + 14 and first day +28.
I set up a formula and it works to show the next revision date, but it doesn’t show the others.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I think the only way to achieve what you are looking for (automatically adding new rows to a table) is with some sort of automation. Whether it be a button like “Create next study session” that is a column in the table that can create the next instance of that study topic, or an actual automation that would accomplish the same thing on a schedule (e.g. run every week).

I would recommend also having two tables, one for study subjects (a certain number of non-dated subjects for which events will be created), and a table for study sessions (events for a specific study subject).

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