Creating a Leaderboard for classroom

I’ve been trying to create a leaderboard page for my students based on their submission of tasks. To give a brief overview there would would 3 tables:

  • A student list
  • A table where i add a new row (a task) and mark if the student has submitted or not.
  • A leaderboard page (based on submission rate)

I’ve tried a couple of ways. It would be great if someone could help me with structuring this whole thing.

Hi Likhit

Welcome to the community.

I have built something that answers your question, even if not very elegantly. (As I type here, I have an idea to improve this - because as it is you cannot generate a list of outstanding tasks, which I assume you would want as well. I’ll update here if I actually get it working)


Hi Likhit

I have added a Ranking Board 3 page in the above document.

I have added a button containing a FormulaMap formula to the tasks Table. Clicking on that button will create a new entry in the All Tasks per Student table.

  • A further enhancement would be to filter the All Tasks table to count only the completed tasks - this will eliminate the need for the “Completed table”.

I am 100% confident that it is doable, just not by me. At the moment. :wink:

But what is there is good enough, I think.


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Hey Piet,

This is awesome! I can see endless enhancements we can get to this using coda. One immediate feature i was thinking of is to send reminder mails to the students who haven’t submitted a specific task. Thank’s a ton!

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It’s a pleasure - Now I know how to use FormulaMap in a table as well…