Leaderboard for points earned in a challenge


I’ve been working on creating a leaderboard for a wellness challenge I’m implementing with my team. the premise is there are three categories with various activities one can do per category. Each activity is worth one point and who ever gets the most points wins. I originally had an issues figuring out to to display the sum of the points per person in a chart but was able to so but selecting the correct value to be displayed (Overall Score) and then selecting “Sum”. This showed me who what the most points and the chart would update every time someone submitted a new entry. However, this solution won’t let me sort from highest score to lowest score since the “Sum” is not an actual column on the table.

Is there a way to sort scores from highest to lowest in a chart form? Or would I need to create a new column/table that would have all these sums. If the latter, I’m not sure how to best implement that. I tried implementing the formula in the “Creating a Leaderboard for classroom” topic discussion but it outputs the same number for each participant. I’ve searched high and low for a leaderboard like this in Gallery but haven’t much luck…

Here’s a link to the mock version I’ve created. Any help or guidance here would be greatly appreciated!

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