Cross-Doc adding table overwrites the first table

When i bring a cross-doc table to a page, it overwrites the top table in the page even when i ensure the drop location with the blue line is at the bottom of the page. this causes me to have to undo and try to re-do several times.

edit: ugh this is so aggravating. dragging a table to a spot will overwrite somewhere else on the canvas. and its super annoying because CTRL-Z doesnt recover it fully. Which means i need to go to version history. but that doesnt just revert, it forces me to create a whole new doc from the copy. then i need to go and delete the bad one, and then ensure all other references to this doc are corrected.

this is beyond frustrating.

Hi there @Irfan_Khan, in order to file a bug we’ll need the following:

  1. Link to your doc that the cross-doc is overwriting the first table
  2. Clear reproduction steps or record your screen of the issue occurring
  3. If you prefer, please write to with the above and we’ll see if we can help troubleshoot it before we report it.

Thanks so much!