Cross-Doc Syncing: Push instead of Pull?

Is there a way to cause a cross doc sync from the originator of the data, rather than scheduled on each child? It feels like this would often be a much more efficient approach to syncing in examples where the parent doc doesn’t get updated often, but is used in many locations. For example - I have one doc with my team structure/schedule, etc in it that gets references in each of my project docs, financial docs, etc. This doc doesn’t get updated very often, but when it does, I want all children docs to get the latest updates.

In the current settings, I can either have each child doc sync regularly (which is wasteful), or I can open each child and manually sync, which is tedious, and let’s be honest, I’m just going to schedule the regular sync.


Hi @Keith_Guerrette,

Cross-doc involves a fair amount of complexity and there are several things that make it a tough feature to build. I think the long run goal is two-way sync and what you’re mentioning here would be getting a good bit closer to it. This feature will continue to be worked on, but it is one of the bigger tasks to tackle.

Thanks for the feedback and the use-case. It always helps to know how people are using, or want to use, the feature.

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Excellent! Thanks for all the hard work from all of you :wink:

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