Custom Colors for Branding in Canvas

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In building documents for companies and clients - the issue of custom branding often comes up. Specific and custom colors are important! While I hope that custom colors for more specific branding comes soon - I wanted to pass along a trick I use to get custom colors into the Canvas of Coda to make a more branded experience.

You can currently get a custom color into the canvas of coda using a canvas based formula like so:

But there is one issue with that - It creates a poor/unnecessarily complicated user experience especially for those for whom technology does not come naturally as the text you write can only be modified if the user clicks into and changes the formula itself or if you store that text value in a table and reference it in that same formula.

  • The solution below will allow you to bring custom colors to your normal text (non-formula) based values anywhere in your document

See the document for explanation here → Document

Or play with it below. Hope it helps you out!