Data Hygiene and practice on keeping data structured and clean

Hey Community,

I’m curious to know how you keep data hygiene when working with large teams. Within a time I saw that people could paste data in different formats or reference a deleted row inside their table during copy and paste.

Primary use cases when I need a data clean-up:

  • We are changing the data structure design, and during migration, we might forget to update some referenced tables;
  • During the import we didn’t update the format of some columns and people are seeing red corner with an error;
  • Some people might delete rows and then we have deleted references in some tables;
  • Not sure, but I feel like if people are copying and pasting data at a larger scale, sometimes one column might reference multiple tables (it happened 2-3 weeks ago);
  • Not sure if this is a problem, but some people are using older browser versions with a combination of MS Edge browser and Windows OS;

I wish we could have some kind of built-in functionality, similar to Doc map, where people could do data audits.

For referenced table fix, I’m using RowId().IsBlank() or IsFromTable()

The main problem for me is that those formulas are not working together, and when I’m trying to filter things based on 2+ columns, it’s not showing anything. So that’s why I need to create a dozen views for every column. Do you have the same issue? I’m using OR to have multiple filters in place, but no luck

Please share your practices on keeping your data clean and structured

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It’s more likely you have a people problem

Personally what I would do is set up one single page where users can paste in new data and put the rules in there. And then I would make it so that the table doesn’t show if they haven’t read the rules. You can use a reaction button to make sure people have read the rule, and then make a dynamic filter that returns true only if button.contains(user())

This is like the mistake proofing process

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