Date format issues

I have a very simple table that tracks the history of our hockey leagues first goals. Three fields, player name, team and the date of the goal. I copy the entire table and then paste it into our league website when new goals are scored. The date column is formatted to display as January 1, 2010 but a handful of the dates display as 1/1/2010 and I can’t seem to correct it. The format is consistent within Coda but the odd ones are in the wrong format when pasted to the webpage or even into a google sheet. Any ideas?

Dear @Ron_Kresack,
If you have the chance to share the doc in the community we will be able to play around and hopefully find the reason behind the date format inconsistency

This might be an issue with how the date is initially chosen or written in the cell. Our date format will sort of “overwrite” what is there to display it in a desired format, but when copying and pasting, it will copy the actual entered value.

If you create a new text column and add the formula: Date.ToText() referencing your date column, it should show the value that is actually in that cell.

I finally go to give this a try but it will only result in dates with the 1/1/2019 format. I was hoping to have the January 1, 2019 format.

If you’re able to share the doc here, or if you’d rather share with our support channel using the “?” icon at the bottom right of the doc, then we can dig deeper and see what the issue is.