Difficulty with CSV Importer Pack - Escaped Commas within quotation marks triggering new-value

Hi all (and @Bharat_Batra !)

I’m attempting to create a custom CSV import flow, and am having some difficulties parsing commas in text cells.

If a column in my .csv includes an escaped comma - functioning not as a seperator but as a character - in the form of ““Me, myself, and I”” the CSV importer seems to be parsing the result as three columns

  1. ""Me
  2. myself
  3. and I""

Instead of

  1. Me, Myself and I

Which throws the whole thing out of order.

Is there a flag/trick to preventing this behavior?

Bharat is a genius. I’m sure he can edit his code to accommodate.

If not for any reason, there are ways to essentially import CSV files and generate Coda tables from then with simple Coda Formula langauge and it would give you more control over silly characters like that.

If Bharat can’t handle it or is too busy - I can give some pointers.


Appreciate that Scott!
Here’s hoping Bharat will have a moment, because otherwise the pack is working wonderfully.

As for the import: I’m definitely open to tips. I’m looking for a way to bring the .csv into an existing table while avoiding any copy-pasting.

Is it a one time job or something that would happen on a recurring basis

Something for a recurring workflow, unfortunately

That can be accommodated then!

Its a bit of a setup, but should work reliably and well once set up. Will post if @Bharat_Batra has no solution for you

Bumping this. @Bharat_Batra , any chance at a solution here?

Hey Billy! My apologies for the late response here.

I am currently in a rural part of India on vacation until January 24th.

Scott is correct in that this will require a change to the pack code; I’m happy to look into that soon as I am back.

In case you’d like to take a stab at fixing it before, you can try to modify the pack by copying the source code here. The logic to modify will be in the function called csvToJson.

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Amazing, thank you so much! I’ll take a look at the source and see if I can’t find a quick solve. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

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