Disable formula if dates are blank in duration calculation

Hi there! I’m new to Coda and I’m still trying to familiarize with things.

Is it possible to temporarily disable the formula or hide the current column and replace it with a hidden column that accepts value if the condition is not met?

Here’s my current formula:

ifBlank(NetWorkingDays(thisRow.[Estimate Start Date],thisRow.[Estimate End Date]),"" )

So if my Estimate Start Date and Estimate End Date are blank, I can manually add the number of days in the Duration field. And, if both dates are not blank, then the manually added duration will be ignored/deleted. Is this possible or am I asking too much?


Hi Eli

Welcome to the community!

Formulas always apply, but you can work this from the other side: Have a manual column, where one can enter data. In your column that has the formula, you add an “if” that uses the manual value if it exists. else if nothing is entered it will use the formula value.



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