Doc for Kan Ban Group Voting

I created a Coda doc for KanBan style voting. This doc was inspired by the judging for a Hackathon. After viewing all the entries, judges were given a few minutes to vote for two entries for each place: gold, silver, and bronze.

There are many different ways to set up a Coda doc for this style of judging, and I wanted to experiment with creating a doc based on the following ideas:

  • Entries are being judged in comparison to each other, not against a standard. Thus, it is important that judges can try out and visualize different relative rankings. This includes trying out extra entries for a given place value. For example, even though only two entries can be ranked “gold”, the judge should be able to place the three top contenders in the “gold” place in order to focus on just those three entries to decide which to move down.
  • The judge should be able to see at a glance how many more entries can be given a particular place value, or if there are too many entries. For example, If there is one extra entry in “silver”, and an extra slot in “gold”, the judge may decide to bump an entry up from silver to gold. However, if “gold” is full, but there is an extra slot in “bronze”, the judge decided to bump an entry down.
  • Having two entries for each place felt limiting. Coordinators should be able to determine the maximum number of entries per place without having to edit any formulas.
  • Judges should not be required to press a “submit” button. Judges should be free to use any available time to make any last-minute adjustments to rankings.
  • Any extra entries in a give place should invalidate as few votes as possible. If there is only one extra vote for “gold”, then only one vote should be invalidated, and all other votes should stand.
  • When determining an overall score, different place values should have different weights that coordinators can set without editing any formulas.