Does anyone have an idea of how to create a GitHub like Heatmap Calendar in Coda?

I like how compact a heatmap calendar is, and how I can see a full year worth of habit tracking in few pixels. Anything similar for Coda?

Thank you

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I actually had the thought of creating a Pack to generate Heatmaps, so here it is :arrow_heading_down:


Leandro’s solution is much faster thanks for making it!, but you can also create a table to display a heatmap - GitHub Style Heat Map


I just love this community :smile:. Thank you so much @Leandro_Zubrezki and @Micah_Lucero

@Micah_Lucero would it be possibile to allow “copy doc” on your Doc? I’m playing with both solutions but I have no idea of how you managed to turn a table into a heatmap like format

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