Dropdown Menu Dependancies?

Oh wow! It works! Thanks a ton @mallika!! Feel free to use this for Coda knowledge base, if need be.


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Dear @mallika,

Nice solution :1st_place_medal:

Dear @A_G A good sample that makes it easy to understand the use case you where looking for a solution

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@mallika Thank you for this solution that really helped me out on a Coda.Doc where I have multiple daily habits to work on to choose that depends on a particular Objective and OKR they are related.

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I’m very new to coda and am loving it. I have a similar issue. I’m trying to create a table that tracks maintenance requests for the buildings we manage. I am trying to create a select list of office suites which has choices that depend on the choice made in a select list of buildings. I have created columns that are select lists of the office suite names available for each building that I will eventually hide. In other words, what I am trying to create is, if in the “Property” column a user chooses “Building A,” then the available choices in the Unit/Suite column will only display the options provided in the select list I created for the Building A Suites column, if the user chooses “Building B” in the “Property” column, then the options you can select in the Unit/Suite column will only be the options I created for the “Building B Suites” column, and so on. Any ideas? (The other function the table has creates a log when a maintenance call is received and then shows how quickly the maintenance request is assigned). I have published the doc here: Copy of Maintenance Call Log

Hi there @Madison_Silvert ! Welcome to Coda :grin: and to the Community :grin: :tada: .

I’ve copied your doc and modified it a little bit to create Lookups :blush: (See below).
(Which is easy to do as you just need to convert your select list into tables :wink: )

So, you now have a table called Property and another one called Unit/Suite.

In Unit/Suite, I added a lookup field to be able to select the Property in which each Unit/Suite is.

Back to the Log table, you can now filter your Unit/Suite lookup field by indicating in the Items settings to get only the Unit/Suite (from the Unit/Suite table) for the Property selected in the Property field :blush: .
(You could use a formula there, but Coda, will suggest this filter all by itself :wink: )


Thank you so much! So much great stuff to learn and this taught me a lot!


You’re welcome :wink: !

Hi @mallika hope you are well. This is a function I really need in my tables and so was excited to find this thread. However, having read it I’m still a bit baffled as to how you did it. Any chance you can share a table that I can go in and see how it works?

Hi Andrew,

This thread is quite old, not sure whether all those links are still working.

Here is an implementation I use fairly frequently:

There is a table Tag 1, with Tags. There is also a table Tag 2, with second level tags, linked to the Tag 1. (E.g. Anniversary - Birthday and Anniversary - Wedding).

In the table where you use the tags (in this example dbThoughts), you then have columns for each Tag, with a relation to the original tables. In the Tag 2 column, you then filter as shown. Translated to English, the formula says, use the entry in Column Tag 1 of table dbThoughts, and use that value to filter Table Tag 2, and show all entries related to it.

You can use this to build hierarchies, as well as matrices.

Here is the doc from which I made the screenshot:

Hope that is the info that you were looking for.

Morning Piet I have just worked through the example you have provided in my own table and it has worked perfectly - thank you very much!

Kind regards

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I would like to implement a button to be able to choose a table or select its id from a dropdown. how would it be possible ?
Select table: [albaram, sales, contacts]#variables and when you select the table load a view of that table.
Select table: albaram
view albaram
name / quantity
cpu / 3
ram / 2
For example