Dropdown Menu from Lookup + Control

I have a table where a row takes in a due date. But to make the date entry easy I want the options for the date to be “Next Week”, “Two Weeks Out”, “Next Month”…
I already have a table which has the dates computed corresponding to those values so I can do an easy lookup and insert the date
However, I want to allow the user to insert a custom date via the date picker. So I am imagining a drop down which says something like
Next Week
Two Weeks Out
Next Month


And choosing custom brings up a modal date picker dialog
Is there a way to do this?

@Amritansh_Raghav1 - we currently do not have this feature. The closest thing I can suggest is Changing Custom to - “Enter in next Column”. Then using something like If (Custom.IsBlank(), DueDate, Custom.Date) to get the value (assuming Custom and Due Date are column names) . Happy to help if this is the way you want to go. Also added your ask as feature request in our tracker.

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