Elfsight widgets not working

Hi, I’m trying to reuse my Elfsight widgets but when I paste the embed code I get a “This link can’t be embedded…”.
Is there anything to do first to allow external widgets to be embedded into Coda?
Here is an exemple of a widget link:

I can get this kind of code to but didn’t see how to integrate it:

<script src="https://static.elfsight.com/platform/platform.js" data-use-service-core defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-XXXXXTHISISMYKEYXXXX"></div>

If someone could help…



Hi @Anthony_Fernandez_Ferrandiz :blush: !

I don’t know anything about Elfsight but apparently, their widgets are embeddable through iframes, as mentioned here :blush: .

You could try using the link returned in the step 1 of their " Converting installation code into iframe format" Helper Center article and copy/paste it somewhere in a page…

After that, you can right click the pasted link. This will open a menu where you should find a Display as section where you should be able to select Embed :blush: .

Now the thing is that not all links out there can be embedded in Coda… but some can be forcibly embedded.

So, if you made it this far and the embed doesn’t quite look like it should, you can hover the current embed and find the pen/edit icon which should be located in the top right corner.

… and if you click on that icon, it will open another menu where should find a Force toggle you can toggle On :blush: .

The other option would be to use the same url you can get from Elfsight within an Embed() canvas formula…

If it just doesn’t work, it might just be that Elfsight widgets are simply not embeddable within Coda at the moment :no_mouth: .

I hope this helps :innocent:


Thanks you very much Pch…
Will try it immediately and will tell here how it work.
Elfsight has a lot of useful Widgets and for rapid development it’s very nice to use it.


None of those three attempts allowed me to integrate the widget (see screen copy)

<iframe src='https://widget-MyAPIkey.elfsig.ht' width='100%' height='1000' frameborder='0'


Don’t know if pasted links and code will be displayed…

The result should be this displayed in the bottom right part of the page :

And when someone clic the widget opens:

Will try the “expanded version of the widget” and the form builder too…

Sadly, it seems that Coda blocks those widgets.
They all works if I past the link directly into the web browser but no ways to intergrate them into a Coda page…

Another brick in MY wall…


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