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Hi guys, I’ve got a conundrum, and I’d like to know if this is expected behavior or not. And there’s a couple issues at play here I think.

I have a doc that my company uses to submit a list of “Frogs” each morning. These are just things that they want to work on each day. There is a page with a view of the Frog Table that is set to show the entries of the person who is logged in, so we only see our own entries. My boss has his own, hidden, page that lets him view the entries. From there he can comment on them, which triggers an email notification.

In the notification email is the text of the comment, with a link to “View comment”. That link takes them to the hidden page that my boss used to make the comment from. Is it possible to make that link take them to the specific page that only lists their entries? Since it takes them to my boss’s view, they can see all of the other employee’s entries, which we don’t want.

Another issue has come up related to this, and I can make it a separate post if needed. Some users are getting notifications to comments made on another user’s entry, as if they were subscribed to all of the entries made in the table. Can I limit comment subscriptions to only the creator of the entry and my boss? Or just the creator to start with, and then my boss will be subscribed by default when he submits his first comment? (I’m not sure how that works)

Thanks for the help!

Hey @Lee_Legg1! Both of the questions you’ve brought up are not things we support right now, so we’ve gone ahead and added these feature request votes for you. You’ll be notified if these get built out!

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A workaround is to have a canvas view where your boss inputs his notes rather than doing comments. Then a button that pings whoever is assigned to that row to check the notes.

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