Notifications link - redirect to a certain page


Does anyone know how to redirect a notification to a certain page?

All of my notifications are made in a table that is hidden in the database…

So it confuses the person receiving the message.

Is there a way around it?

Thanks :+1:

hi @JEC_Aviation

I am sorry to bring the bad news. Notifications in a table always link to the table they are created in. and not to their views elsewhere.

I created a button in the table that listened to the same trigger as the notifications and this one pushed a notification button it in the table people should see. It is not elegant.

cheers, Christiaan

Hi Christiann,

Oh that is too bad, will try to do what you did.

Thank you for your answer. :+1:

My company basically stopped using Coda’s notifications completely due to a combination of this issue and the fact that all notifications for the same doc got lumped into the same email thread.

Having a button in the proper table wouldn’t work for us because most of our notifications were for row comments.

Hi Kuovonne! thanks for helping me.

That is too bad, will have to do the same.


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