Embed URL length limit?

I keep hitting issues with getting errors returned for some of the URLs I am using in my embed() formula. Is there a limit to the number of characters that can be used in the url string that is passed to the formula?
Are there any other restrictions (e.g. forbidden characters)?

HI @Christopher_Gibbs welcome to the Coda Community! :raised_hand:

Can you share more info on the errors?

Are you using EncodeForURL()?

I hadn’t checked the error (duh) I just noticed that it seemed to trigger when the total character length exceeded a threshold.
I have now checked, and it says this:
When I set force to true, the error disappears, but I don’t understand why, since the formula guide suggests that this argument relates to websites that have sign-in pages, which mine don’t.
And I can’t figure out why it should appear to depend on the length of the URL :-/

@Christopher_Gibbs yeah the force: true is somewhat mysterious as to when its needed - I usually include it as it prevents misunderstood errors. Good thing you got it working and maybe a Codan can explain.

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