Embedded support ticketing system in Coda

Hi - I’m building out an internal documentation system in Coda for my IT services business, and I would love to be able to make it a one-stop shop for managing customer support tickets, as having them right next to the documentation would be very valuable.

I see there’s an integration with Intercom, so I’m wondering if it’s intended for this purpose. Could I embed Intercom into a Coda section called “Service Desk”, and have support agents work entirely within Coda? With that integration, could they click on a ticket, view the full thread, reply, and change the ticket status (pending, closed, etc) without ever leaving Coda?

Assuming that’s all possible, the pipe dream would be to associate Intercom tickets with tables for People, Companies, and Assets, so that a ticket is automatically linked to a person’s record in our documentation, the company they work for, and the assets they’re listed as an owner of (e.g. a certain laptop that we manage). That way a support agent wouldn’t have to go hunting for information on that person, it would surface right next to the ticket automatically. Is this possible?

Thank you!

Hi @AG2010,

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This is technically possible, but I don’t think you’d find it as a great working solution day to day. There will be some lag while syncing is taking place and it’ll be a lot of back and forth between your doc and Intercom. And depending on the number of tickets you have coming through, this could add up to quite a few rows, which might not scale well after you hit several thousand.

We use this pack a good bit internally! We can compile similar threads for feedback and then act on the ticket if needed, but we don’t live in it 100%.

Thanks for the quick response!

We’re very low volume (2-3 tickets per day on average) so I’m not too concerned about scale. What kind of lag are we talking about? A few minutes?

And is the pipe dream possible too, where tickets get associated with other tables in Coda based on a field in Intercom, such as the person’s email address?