Is it possible to privately interact with individual customers?

Our team connects customers to external contractors for help with their projects and I am hoping for a Coda solution to improve our workflow.

I’m looking to create a solution along the lines of a “support ticket” system… where the customer fills in a Form which creates a space (a new row or sub-page or something) that represents this ticket, and where the contractor and customer can communicate (or comment or update, and be notified of these updates) until the job is done.

Ideally all tickets across all customers would be in the same table (so we can pull reports, etc).
But a crucial element is the customers must not be able to see other jobs, and contact details of customers/contractors are kept hidden from each other.

I’ve created a table for the jobs, and a form for the customer - and all that is fine. It’s the communications part I’m having a problem with.
It seems that inviting customers to the doc is no good, because they can see the whole doc (other people’s jobs, etc), and I’m stumped on how to allow communication on coda without it.

I’m hoping someone here has some ideas!

For example is it possible to provide the customer a form link that is tied to an individual table row, and the ability to (for example) comment and receive comment notifications?

Or is there something more obvious that I’m overlooking?

Perhaps it’s possible to do through email? You can continously syncronize all mails to your account and you can also send emails with Coda. So when the customer opens a ticket they just receive an email which they are asked to respond to

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Hi Adam,

I would look at setting up a cross-doc table for each customer. This doc would then cross-doc the customer specific data from the main doc.

There is the standard (free) cross-doc pack in the gallery. If the functionality in there is not sufficient for you, you can have a look at @Paul_Danyliuk’s new!, improved! cross doc pack, also in the gallery.


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Thank you, I’ll experiment with this and see how to make it work. I’m new to the Gmail pack so if you have any tips that would be great. Ideally the contractors can come in to our coda space and send / reply to the emails, (or from their own email account) and the customers could do all from their email client.

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Thank you! I’ll see if I can get an email-only workflow going, and then try cross-doc if that doesn’t work

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