ESC button deletes all the text I wrote inside the cell and Ctrl+Z doesn't help

Kindly remove ESC button feature which allows to wipe out all the text you just typed.

Hi Igor,

Welcome to the Coda community, I hope that you will enjoy using Coda, it is an amazing product.

Unfortunately, the purpose of the escape button is to remove text.


Hello Piet,

Thank you for your response. As a newcomer to Coda, I am finding it to be a very useful tool overall. However, I have found the behavior of the ESC button to be quite frustrating. It seems to be very directive and “uncancellable,” and I’ve lost 10 minutes of typing due to accidentally hitting it. I think it would be helpful if the dev team could consider adding a feature such as Ctrl+Z or changing the behavior of the ESC button to prevent the loss of information.

I hope this issue can be addressed in the future.

Best regards,