Extract sub-data from a cell/column (from a formula result)


I would like to extract specific sub-data from a column which has a result generated from a formula.

I cannot extract the sub-data (idcc data) from the Convention_Collective column.

I tried the dot operator, but it doesn’t work because the data isn’t stored in a sub coda table.

Is anyone know how to do this? Please.



hi @Tommy_Lambert , a demo doc is the way forward
that said, you can only chain an object, this is not an object and maybe if you turn your column into a relation, it works as asked for:

Thanks for your help @Christiaan_Huizer , I have to update my pack to get the idcc data from the API.
Because if I modify the structure of this column into a sub-table, when I will make an API request, I’m not sure it’s gonna work. I was hoping for a simple extraction formula, but sadly it’s not possible.

Thanks again