Extracting information from Canvas Table to Parent Row

We had idea for a document where we will track Projects and related project tasks.

In “Master” table each row would be one single project, and we planed to use canvas column in which we will have another table for single tasks for that project.

My Question : is there some way to summarize data from that canvas table in the master table row? (like number of “open” tasks). I was thinking some formula like thisrow.Canvas.TableInCanvas. etc.

Also, I know I can use a page for a template of structure for Canvas (value for new rows and then pick page) but every time you add new row it changes the name of the table adding number so even if there is way to pull information from canvas table you would need to write new formulas for each new project to customize for different table name?

HI Marko,

I think this doc contains an example of (exactly?) what you are trying to do.

Generation 3 - Meetings has a canvas column that stores meetings details, including action items. (You can replace the meetings template in the doc with a project template.) These action items are then analysed across all the meetings in the section Dashboards and Reports.

(There is a generation 4 - Projects, but I do not make use of a canvas column here - I use template pages to illustrate using different page layouts for different kinds of projects. So this is not going to solve your problem.)

Yes, the view names change with every new row, but you can always refer to the underlying table.

Rambling Pete


Thanks! :slight_smile:

That is the way to do it, use master table and just generate views in canvas, but use master table for all calculations and summaries! Funny thing is I have very similar structure in some Notion databases I use but it didn’t occur to me to try that here :smiley:


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