[Feature Request] Partial formula preview in formula editor

For debugging purposes, alignment with Excel, Google Sheets, and Apple Numbers.

Considering the significant upgrades in the Notion Formula 2.0 editor, Coda should continue to evolve and become more advanced.

What am I missing - Coda does this already and the output is accurate (6) as opposed to (5):

Ha ha - DUH! Okay, now that I understand what I was truly missing, this does have merit. But as @Piet_Strydom points out, how would CFL evaluate indeterminate dependencies in a complex formula?

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The person wants to be able to highlight a portion of the formula, and have the editor resolve that.

I don’t even know where you would start on something like that, because in any non-trivial formula the context of the whole formula determines the outcome.


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Oh. LOL …