File Size Limits for Uploading CSV Data

Is there a file size limit for uploading CSV data?

I tried to import a file containing about 4,000 records and about 12 Megabytes. I got an “Offline” message and the import aborted every time I tried it.

I was ultimately able to successfully import a smaller subset file of about 500 records.

Is there a known limit to the size or number of records which can be imported via CSV?

When Coda goes live, if large files are a concern with regard to bandwidth in the system, is there consideration of a paid tier to the application which permits larger file sizes?


Hi @Richard_Kaplan - we don’t have a known size or number limit yet. It is something we are trying out and working on. Besides number of records there are format types that also impact import but yes we should have some guidelines and not leave the doc hanging! I do like your suggestion of thinking about adding larger files to a paid tier but it is not something we have really delved into yet.